Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Automatic Link Exchange Script

Soft reciprocal link exchange script is very powerful tool to help you with your search engine standing by increasing your site's link popularity. Script automates the job of exaching links with your link partners.Visitors can exchange links by filling a simple form. You can approve/disapprove the link partners request.
How is this reciprocal link exchange script special?
  • Multi level organization of links
  • Invites your visitors to exchange link
  • Link exchange is fully automatic
  • 100% automatic reciprocal link validator
  • Tracks traffic you recieve from link partners
  • Automates job of keeping track of which link partners are still linking to you
  • Very strong admin panel
Taking Link Exchange a step further...
You can integrate this script running on multiple web sites with inbuilt feature to prompt the visitors to add there links to your partner sites also. Plus it has 100% automatic reciprocal link validator. Thus the script takes concept of link exchange one step further.
Why Should You Use This Script?

To get higher rank in search engine you need the link popularity of your web site, this popularity can be achieved by getting link from other web site and in reverse giving link to them. This in turn can be easily done through this Script.

  • Save a lot of advertising money
  • Get preference in search engines
  • Get highly targeted visitors to your web site
  • Increase traffic significantly
  • More customers and more sales
  • Benefit from new business contacts
  • Providing quality experience to your visitors.
  • Make your site part of the web not an isolated Island
    Pay by e-gold, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, paypal
    NOTE: All scripts sold at softbizScripts.com come with single domain license. You will be required to provide the domain for which you want the script to be licensed. Script can not be used on any other domain except the one you provide during the purchase process.
      Detailed Feature List
    Member Interface and Layout
    • Easy to install
    • Very easy to integrate into your existing site design by JUST ADDING add one line.
    • Multilevel categories
    • Real time validation of reciprocal links to your site on partner site
    • 100% Automatic Reciprocal link validation
    • Keeps search engine visibility of your links as prime focus during automatic link validation process.
    • Doesn't allow links in framed pages.
    • Doesn't accept links on redirected pages that are not visible to search engines.
    • Emails to partners at appropriate times
    • Configurable emails.
    Admin Options
    • Configure Site parameters.
    • Admin can create categories and subcategories to which links are posted.
    • Add, Remove, Modify, Activate, and Deactivate links.
    • Add, Remove partner sites - more details ..................

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